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Cathy Nobil-Dutton, LCSW, CPT

Glenside, PA 19038



Serving Eastern Montgomery County and Greater Philadelphia. Abington, Ambler, Horsham, Collegeville, Wayne and surrounding areas.

Cancer Navigation 


What Is Cancer Navigation?

Cancer is a complicated diagnosis. Often a patient meets with a team of specialists to work through the best treatment options. Specialists, social workers, radiologists, oncologists...everyone is focused on overcoming cancer.

And while the hospital team uses the latest technologies and medicine for the best possible outcome, cancer impacts other parts of a patient's life too. 

Relationships with family and friends change.

Maintaining good exercise routines and eating habits can be a challenge. 

Learning how to live life as a Cancer Survivor is difficult.

Your outlook on life can completely shift.

The body changes with treatment; learning to love in and with a new body.

All these changes can be hard to deal with on their own, but they can seem overwhelming when paired with the physical symptoms of cancer and cancer treatment. The whole process can feel like a Mount Everest summit in flip flops.

Bodyesteem was established to provide critical support for cancer patients and survivors in the areas of:

Survivorship Counseling

Modified Exercise

Nutrition Guidance

Emotional Well-being

Research for Supporting Therapies

Think of Bodyesteem as a Cancer Sherpa to help a patient and their medical team summit the mountain of cancer. As a licensed therapist, certified personal trainer and a cancer survivor, Cathy Nobil-Dutton is uniquely qualified to be a trusted guide in the journey of cancer. 

What Does A Cancer Patient Navigator Do?

Each patient has a unique and personal journey. BodyEsteem is equipped to give the right support at the right time. 

Survivorship Counseling - Cancer treatment can flood patients with a variety of emotions; gratitude, closeness to loved ones, a revived life purpose. Anger, uncertainty, fear and sadness are often part of the mix too. Sometimes these feelings present themselves long after treatment has been completed. While patients may be surprised or confused by how they are feeling, it is an entirely common experience among survivors. Learning to "feel your feelings" and understanding them can help survivors find a sense of peace about their journey and mental well-being. 

Modified Exercise - We are told that exercise aids the healing process but where do we start? During treatment and after treatment, our bodies have new limitations. Exercises that may have been enjoyable before cancer may no longer be an option. BodyEsteem can provide a modified exercise plan for patients struggling with fatigue, scar tissue, pain, lymphedema and other limitations. BodyEsteem will build balance, strength and aid the healing process safely. 

Nutrition Guidance - surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy can wreak havoc on a patient's gut health. BodyEsteem can provide tailored nutrition plans that can help a person work WITH their bodies. During treatment, Cathy provides guidance on the best ways to eat to boost the immune system. For post-treatment patients, nutritional counseling offers an eating plan that optimizes health and maintains healthy habits. The healing process after cancer treatments is a delicate balance, BodyEsteem works with your personal preferences and treatments to customize the suggestions that will work best for you and your lifestyle. Tweaking what we eat can improve our overall well-being which can lead to better outcomes during and after cancer treatment. 

Emotional Well-Being - BodyEsteem provides support no matter what stage of the cancer journey you find yourself. Therapy sessions can help to process the impact of cancer, help you make peace with what's happened and help you learn how to move forward with a new normal. Cathy is a licensed therapist with many years of experience, personally and professionally to be a steady guide through a difficult time. 

Research for Supporting Therapies - Each cancer journey is unique. Treatments, side effects and surgeries can impact the physical and mental well-being of each patient differently. BodyEsteem has a vast network of alternative therapy practitioners who can provide relief for  a variety of conditions. Cathy can provide insight into how these therapies can help in each situation. Let BodyEsteem help you find the right modality  for your needs: acupuncture, massage therapy, reiki therapy, meditation, mindfulness, mental health counseling and yoga among others.    

Are you ready to summit your personal Mount Everest with BodyEsteem at your side?


Contact Cathy for a complimentary and confidential 30-minute call to learn more and for your personal evaluation. 

Together, we will devise a combination of services that meet your specific needs. 

Did you know that cancer navigation services may be covered by your insurance provider?

Many insurance providers will cover all or part of BodyEsteem's services. Contact your insurance provider to learn more. Health Savings Account funds may also be used toward BodyEsteem's services. 

          I feel like Cathy has helped me through every step of the process, from active treatment to now, helping me 'feel my feelings' and work through them, providing support and perspective, as well as guidance to my overall healing with diet and exercise guidance and wellness advice.