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Cathy Nobil-Dutton, LCSW, CPT

Glenside, PA 19038



Serving Eastern Montgomery County and Greater Philadelphia. Abington, Ambler, Horsham, Collegeville, Wayne and surrounding areas.


Bodyesteem offers two specialized programs each with a different focus of interest: Cancer Navigation and Modified Personal Fitness. Both programs are individualized based on your specific needs. Each takes into account your current health needs and assists you in developing a path to your health and wellness goals.
Modified Personal Fitness

Accidents, injuries and illness can knock us off our feet. Whatever your age, size, weight, physical or emotional challenges, bodyesteem can help you with your recovery. 

The bodyesteem approach combines the knowledge and the expertise of a certified personal trainer and health coach with the emotional support of a licensed clinical social worker. Together we redefine what health and wellness means to you, and how to live comfortably and confidently with the body you’ve been given.

Unlike the “one-size-fits-all” approach used by many traditional trainers, bodyesteem takes the time to get to know you, your exercise patterns, food habits, your lifestyle, and your goals. 

Cancer Navigation

A diagnosis of cancer unwillingly pushes a person into a world of confusion and fear. It is the start of a journey that poses numerous personal challenges. The medical community plays its part in directing your treatment. But there are many other issues that present themselves when dealing with cancer. It creates a myriad of emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial concerns. Who helps you negotiate the wellness side of treatment and survivorship?

Bodyesteem is uniquely positioned to help you on your cancer journey. Whether you’ve recently been diagnosed or are months or years out of treatment, bodyesteem can empower you to reclaim your healing through an individually tailored survivorship plan that puts you in control – physically and emotionally.