the path ahead may look daunting...

Hearing the diagnosis of Cancer for the first time is overwhelming. Life instantly changes. Physically, emotionally, mentally. You now have your own personal Mount Everest to summit. 

Your team of doctors will be there to see you through life-saving care but who can you count on to provide support and guidance for your mental health? Who will help you adjust your diet and exercise to accommodate your new treatments and lifestyle changes? Who can connect you to resources and information on everything from side effect research to finding complimentary therapies like acupuncture and massage therapy?

A cancer patient navigator is a certified professional who specializes in aiding cancer patients and survivors through the journey of Cancer.

Think of a Cancer Navigator as a Cancer Sherpa.

A Sherpa is a trekking guide with intimate knowledge of the mountain. Climbing expeditions rely on them to reach the summit and for survival. A Sherpa sets up camp, manages porters, carries supplies and makes sure loads are evenly distributed. They even run ahead to set up camp for the expedition. A Sherpa is indispensable to a climbing crew. 


Like a Sherpa, a cancer navigator has the tools and experience to guide you through treatment and survivorship of cancer. BodyEsteem is uniquely qualified to be your Cancer Sherpa. Cathy Nobil-Dutton has years of experience as a therapist, licensed personal trainer and personally, as a cancer survivor. 


BodyEsteem can guide you through:

Survivorship counseling

Modified Exercises

Nutritional Counseling

Emotional Well-Being

Researching Supporting Therapies 

     Cathy has helped me to deal with the changes I have experienced both mentally and physically. Since I started working with her, I've seen major improvements in my all-around well-being. She has helped me face my anxiety and stress and helped me to work through tough medical decisions. Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise has been such an asset as I try to physically recover from the side effects of chemo, radiation and surgeries.

- Maureen

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Cathy Nobil-Dutton, LCSW, CPT

Glenside, PA 19038


Serving Eastern Montgomery County and Greater Philadelphia. Abington, Ambler, Horsham, Collegeville, Wayne and surrounding areas.