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I'm Stuck at Home and I'm Overeating, what can I do?

It is going to be a real challenge for us to keep our eating in check when we are confined mostly to our homes! In part, this eating is because of stress over the COVID-19 virus and all that goes with it. The other component to our eating is directly connected to boredom and our need to take a break, shift locations in our homes, etc...and most frequently we find ourselves in the kitchen!!

Here are a few suggestions that may help keep eating down to a controlled level:

1- Keep a Schedule- Act as if you are going to work. Get up and take a shower- don't stay in your pajamas all day. Try to give your day some routine and the structure it used to have.

2- Schedule your breaks and eat only during those break times. Schedule your snacks too. Try to stick with this.

3- "Pack our Lunch"- The night before, think about what you are going to eat the next day. Look in your fridge. Do you need to make a salad so that it is ready for lunch the next day? How about making some tuna or egg salad? Leftovers from the night before? Get it organized in your mind so that you aren't rummaging though the fridge picking at things you shouldn't!

4- Limit your sugar intake. I recommend making a deal with yourself that you won't have any sugar until after you have had your evening meal. Decide what you will allow yourself and try to to stick to it. A few squares of dark chocolate or a cookie. By limiting your sweets during the day, you are less likely to have your hands in the goodies all day long.

5- Sip on tea, lemon water or broth throughout the day. This will keep your mouth and hands occupied for a while.

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