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Rebounding as a form of exercise for lymphatic system

Detoxifying – or the ever Insta-popular “detox” – is a term we hear often in reference to the new fad diet teas or juice cleanses. These “detoxifying” products claim to rid your body of any unwanted toxins. However, as many know, your body has its own way of detoxifying through the liver and the kidneys. Any toxins that come into your body are filtered out through these organs and eliminated regularly.

What is the lymphatic system?

But what many may not know is that there is a third system in the body designated for detoxification on a cellular level: The lymphatic system. Your lymph nodes travel upward through your legs, arms and torso. Unlike your other systems – cardiovascular, arterial, etc. – the lymphatic system relies on physical movement to do its job. Instead of working automatically, the lymph nodes are only able to push toxic cells out of the body when oxygen and gravity work together to force pressure into the nodes.

So, how can you jump start your lymphatic system to keep away toxic, arthritis- and cancer-causing cells? Being regularly active is a good start, but this article explains that the lymphatic system is vertical with vessels that only travel upwards. While a jog or a brisk walk may help the nodes a little, rebound exercise can actually help a lot.

What is rebounding?

Rebounding is the simple exercise of jumping up and down on a mini trampoline. What makes this exercise so effective in activating your lymph nodes is the vertical motion. Not only is this exercise a great way to double your lymph flow and prevent certain cancers, it’s also easy on the joints.

Rebounding is best done on a mini trampoline meant for exercise, but nothing is stopping you from using your family trampoline in the backyard! You might also go to a physical therapy gym or hire a personal fitness expert to help you with form, variations and intensity.

If you’re feeling ready to increase your intensity, you can add hand or ankle weights to your rebounding. You can also add aerobic movements to tone your arms, abs and legs while getting a healthy dose of cardio.

For those who have had lymph nodes removed, you should always talk to your doctor about when is a good time to start exercising after your surgery. You should also discuss the intensity of the exercise you plan on doing. Only you and your doctor will know what your physical limitations are.

Other exercises for post-lymph removal surgeries

If you are very recently out of your surgery (any surgery, really), you will want to start with exercises that are even more low impact than rebounding. Try to begin with deep breathing exercises. Getting back into cardio without properly training your lungs can lead to fainting or other discomfort.

Next, try some slow arm and shoulder stretches to regain full range of motion. Arm circles, shoulder rolls, and back exercises like pinching your shoulder blades together are all easy exercises to increase your range of motion.

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