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Two Simple Foods for Healing

"Healing can seem complicated, so this week Cathy Nobil-Dutton offers two simple foods that can put you on a healthy track, during treatment and after. Put your mind at ease and enjoy some healthy, healing broth."

Cancer treatment is a physical challenge for many people. Whether it is surgery, chemotherapy or radiation, all of these experiences present a challenge to the body in terms of healing. It is really next to impossible for a person to survive and thrive if nutrition is not addressed as part of the treatment and recovery process. We would never expect our vehicles to run efficiently without the proper oil and gas. We can’t treat our bodies in a negligent way and expect that they are going to manage the load that is given to them without any problems.

For the body to repair, heal and remain free of cancer, giving it a nutritional boost is an essential component of care. Often times, physicians overlook this area. Their focus is on eradicating the cancers with the tools that they know to use.

Some cancer survivors get very involved in nutrition and vitamin supplementation. This is something that is best done in conjunction with a person who specializes in this area. There are supplements that are contraindicated for people who are having chemotherapy. There are also some concerns with regards to supplements and certain types of cancer. To be on the safe side, be sure that there are no problems with adding supplements.

What Should I Eat?

"Often when people get a cancer diagnosis, they look back and wonder if what they ate contributed in any way."

Often when people get a cancer diagnosis, they look back and wonder if what they ate contributed in any way to getting cancer in the first place. I have had clients tell me they don’t know what to eat anymore because of all of the additives and pesticides in food. They have lost trust in their ability to know what is healthy. There is no real way to completely avoid all of the issues with our food and worrying about it too much can cause additional stress for a person. The best approach is simply to try to make the changes in diet and lifestyle that are the easiest to make and add to it as they heal and get stronger.

Two Easy Additions to Your Diet

Whether someone is trying to find a way to include healthy, easy to digest foods into their diet during chemotherapy and radiation or just boost the vitamins and minerals in their diet, two easy ways to accomplish this are Bone Broth and Magic Mineral Broth. Bone broth is loaded with collagen and gives a super boost to the immune system. It can help to reduce inflammation, which is important in cancer prevention. The broth can help with gut healing and detoxifying the body of heavy metals.

  • Bone broth is simple to make in a crockpot that is kept on a slow simmer for 24 hours. It is best to use organic bones, but any bones will do. The broth will be slightly gelatinous when cooked, but not to worry, this is all of the collagen from the bones.

  • Magic Mineral Broth is a nutrient rich vegetable broth that is full of magnesium and potassium. Through a process of slow simmering, the broth is infused with a diverse array of vitamin and mineral rich vegetables. The broth is recommended by the Cancer Support Community for people getting chemo and radiation who can’t swallow well and have difficulty digesting things. The recipe can be found in Rebecca Katz’s book, The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen..

Both of these broths can be consumed once a day or more. When I had cancer, I started making the Magic Mineral Broth prior to my surgery and continued having my daily mug throughout my treatment. Both broths continue to be a mainstay of my diet.

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