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What is a Cancer Coach?

Cancer coaching is a valuable tool available to patients, however many people are unaware of what a cancer coach is! Today I am explaining what cancer coaching is and how to know if this is something that you may need.

What is a Cancer Coach?

Many people dealing with cancer are unaware of additional support that is available to them outside of their medical team. Working with a cancer coach is a very helpful way to receive guidance that your doctors and nurses are not able to provide. Cancer coaching provides patients with tools to cope with all of the various feelings that arise during diagnosis, treatment, and in survivorship. Cancer coaches also often have a unique understanding of what patients are going through, as many are survivors themselves.

How Do You Know If You Need Cancer Coaching?

Experiencing a cancer diagnosis comes with many emotions. From fear to anger, it is a lot to process. Additionally, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgical treatments all have significant impacts on patients’ mental health as well. Having someone to talk to during this process who has had a similar experience can be very beneficial.

However, I have found that the time when coaching and counseling are often needed the most is actually in survivorship. Many patients find themselves asking “I am finished with my treatment, so why am I crying now?” That feeling is difficult to understand on your own. Adjusting to your new normal post-treatment, and navigating how to live in this new space can be surprisingly challenging. Additionally, many of us experience scan and test anxiety after we are “cured,” as well as a fear of recurrence. That is why it is extremely beneficial to have a cancer coach and/or counselor to talk to during this time.

Cancer Counseling vs. Cancer Coaching

As discussed here, cancer coaching is extremely valuable for patients. It is very helpful to have someone to talk to during your cancer journey who truly understands what you are going through. However, added benefits come from working with someone who also is a licensed therapist. Cancer counseling provides an additional level of professional support to help patients talk through and process their feelings. A licensed counselor can offer guidance beyond what an individual certified as a cancer coach is able to provide.

As a cancer survivor, licensed clinical social worker, and certified personal trainer, I am able to provide my clients with a unique combination of psychological support as well as exercise and nutritional guidance. This provides my clients with a holistic approach to their healing journey - I believe in treating your mind, body, and soul. If you are seeking guidance in any of these areas, or simply just looking for someone to talk through your experience with, I encourage you to reach out to me. We can start with a free consultation call to discuss your needs.


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